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Orquesta Atípica


Live Music On Friday and Saturday night Milongas

Fernando Rezk - Director


Fernando is a bandoneonist and a composer from Argentina. He studied bandoneon, harmony and composition with several teachers and also in the “The Conservatory of Music of the Argentinian Musicians' Union” since he was 20. He played at important orchestras and tango ensembles such as: Mala Junta, Musa Mistonga, Real Envido, Arbolito, Salvando las Distancias etc.  He took part in several tango shows, radio, TV programs and recordings.

Fernando participated in different International Tango Festival at Argentina, Europe and South America since 2002.  He has been invited to Asia since 2010 and has been giving performances and workshops regularly.


Piano - Marcela Pedretti

Violin - Valeria Matsuda

Double Bass - Juan Pablo González

Bandoneon - Yuki Okumura

Singer - Diego Bergecio

Orquesta Atípica Guapeando is directed by Fernando Rezk who selects the best musicians from all around the world, to perform the best live music for tango dancers.

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